London (British Museum, Covent Garden, Baker Street, New & Old Bond Stree, Fortnum & Mason) 倫敦–大英博物館, 柯芬園, 貝克街, 龐德街, Fornum & Mason茶點店

British Museum has the most comprehensive collection of more than 7 million objects from all the continents; it was established based on Sir Hans Sloane’s collection that existed 80,000 on his death in 1753. Sloane’s collection was not only vast but balanced in world cultures, natural specimens, human history, and manuscripts. He intended to give his collection to King George II for the nation but was eventually transferred to Parliament. Mantagu House was purchased to house the collection and opened to public on January of 1759. While the collection grew over the years, the museum had to move out its fine arts, natural history collection, and library to National Gallery museum, Natural History museum and British Library.
This is the exterior of British Museum that locates in Great Russell Street.
Part of the interior of British Museum that’s known as "The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court" serves as the reception area. It was designed by Lord Norman Foster and opened in 2000.
The museum contains artifacts from Africa, Egypt, China, South-East Asia, Japan, Korea, The Pacific, North America, Central America, South America, Mesoamerica, Prehistoric Europe, Greek/Roman Empire, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Europe, Modern Europe… whew… that pretty much illustrates and documents human history from the very beginning…
The Enlightenment Gallery.
Collection from ancient Roman Empire.
Artifacts from ancient Greece.
South-East Asian collection.

Bronze statues from Japan.
Tri-color pottery from Tang Dynasty, China.
Covent Garden had been a fruit and vegetable market from 17th century and nowadays it has transformed into a shopping center. It contains variety of unique shops for tea, herbs, clothes, books, etc and is one of the liveliest places in London.
One of the most distinctive parts of Covent Garden is that some places are particularly reserved for talented street performers.
This is the Sherlock Holmes’ rented apartment on Baker Street. Sir Conan Doyle created the most well-known detective, Sherlock Holmes, after finishing his first novel–A Study in Scarlet–in year 1887. According to the novel, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, lived here. The exact address was Baker Street 221b. However, Baker Street 221b did not exist during Conan Doyle’s time; it was conserved after an expansion of street and this place has become a museum since 1990. The decoration, the furniture, the floors, and the rooms are arranged just as the novel’s portrayal.
According to the novel, Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson lived on the 2nd floor from 1881 to 1904. Their landlady, Mrs.Hudson, lived in 3rd floor.
The 1st floor is the gift shop that sells Teddy bears dressed with Sherlock Home’s raincoat, figurines, key rings, movies, and posters.
This distinctive stand sells books and stuff toys of Paddington Bear in Paddington subway/train station. Paddington Bear is a character in Michael Bond’s children’s book published in 1958, describing a bear whom was found by the Brown family while sitting with his suitcase in Paddington station, with a tag saying "Please look after this bear, thank you."
The bronze statue of Paddington Bear in Paddington station.
Old Bond Street and New Bond Street are full of luxurious shops such as Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Armani…
Most shops were closed when I arrived there since it was almost 7 at night. It seems most stores in England close at 6 or 6:30 pm, but I still tried to capture their nicely decorated windows and elegant silhouettes.

I was so lucky that Fortnum & Mason was still open! This Fortnum & Mason department store I went is at 181 Piccadilly Street and not far from Old Bond Street. It specializes in fine food and sweets; its tea is especially famous for holding several Royal Warrants.
Sugar-laced "Glace Fruits" are arranged neatly under the glass counter.
I almost giggled like a kid while I gazed at them.
Chocolate, I already felt sweet by only watching it.
A huge range of tea with Royal Warrants.
The sweets area is ornamented like jewelry counter…
Fruit jams…
The Fruit Tea Coffret and Jasmine tea I got from Fortnum & Mason.
By the way, I stayed near Cromwell Road in London and found this apartment just across the street with a blue plate reading Alfred Hitchcok lived here…


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