“I LOVE NY” (“我愛紐約”)

My impression of New York City was solely gained from watching movies, TV shows, and reading book. Being a Californian for so many years, I did not get to visit the New York City for no reason, yet the most east side I have been in the US. was Florida. Some said that New York City was messy yet exciting; it led you both ways–you either hate it or love it. After I finally made my mind to experience it for 5 days during April, I realized that it was a much more interesting place than expected, and the many facets of it certainly made it one of the most exciting cities among the places I’ve been.

I arrived in an evening in the Time Square and spent the most of time of my stay in mid-upper Manhattan.

The Time Square rarely sleeps as restaurants close close or beyond midnight and the lights hint the none-stopping night life in New York City.

New York City Library is a combination of classic and modern eras. The facades are of old British style and interiors are still decorated with paintings on the roofs. Of course, the facilities are updated to the most modern time. This is also the backstage of Carrie and Mr.Big’s unfortunate wedding in the movie–Sex and City.

Not far from the city library is HBO store in which I picked up a copy of the production notes of Sex and City, the TV series, and discovered this: apparently it’s something from True Blood as it’s the big hit running on HBO currently–bottles of crimson red juice made out from blood oranges?!?

5th Avenue is just as exciting as all the books/movies/novels/whatever have depicted. Yes, it’s crowded, disoriented, and noisy. However, at same time I found it elegant, extravagant, and very fashionable. This is where you get to squander if you got all the money in the world, but if you haven’t, be careful it’s VERY tempting!

Of course, as a museum goer, I couldn’t leave without paying a respectful visit to Metropolitan Museum:

The collection is vast, you can stay here the whole day! Like the British Museum, it’s also divided into various sections according to the ages and civilizations. Some bigger pieces have been brought into the museum and set up as a complete backstage. It made me feel like I was right on that location in that ancient time!

The super modern, fast-paced New York City certainly does not lack of art cultures. In fact, it’s one of the cities that possess the most concentrated amount of art, museums, theaters, and performances. Therefore, how could I just visit one museum only? Especially there’s a free-ticket-happy-hours in Museum of Modern Art?

The “happy hours” for Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is every Thursday from 4:00PM to 8:00PM. You just need to get there during this time, line up in line to receive your ticket, and off you go! The downside is that it’s always crowded…however, it’s still bearable. The “downer” side is that if you carry a backpack or big bag, you’re asked to send it to custody during your visit! Now that’s the LONG line!!

MoMA is a 6-floor building with artistic exterior designs. I’m not a big fan of modern art to be honest, in fact, I can’t understand nor appreciate it. However, when I finally dragged my sore legs to the 5th floor, I was delighted by the artworks by Dali, Picasso, and a wall-sized Monet! By that time, I was too beat to enjoy these fully. After coming back from New York City, I suddenly realized that…there’s a purpose for holding the brochure–it tells you which exhibition on what floor… oh well, bummer! 😦

So, what else can you do in NYC? How about pay a humble visit to the “Apple Temple?” This flagship is in the center of Manhattan and opens 24 hours! It’s always ready to receive worships from fans! I was, however, more amazed by the exterior design and the transparent staircase leading to the store in the basement.

An extravagant city has to have extravagant hotels to go with it and make you squander even more money! So, how about choosing among Athenee, St. Rigis, or The Plaza? (I have read that there’s Ritz-Carlton near Central Park, but I didn’t find it.)

In the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, St.Rigis was used as the backstage for the hotel in which Andrea and Miranda stayed in Paris.

To be continued…


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