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Horror Story Toilet Paper!! *恐怖廁所衛生紙*

Japan’s drugstores are super-er than supermarkets and you can certainly dig out many things you can or cannot think of! Here it is–in order to solve the problem for people who have I-MUST-READ-WHILE-TAKING-A-DUMP syndrome, mighty Japanese people have invented this … Continue reading

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Visiting Van Gogh (拜訪梵谷)

Vincent Van Gogh, tragic painter and one of the greatest artists in history, had created over 1,000 paintings, drawings, and sketches but only sold one single painting during his life time. His sensitive mind and consuming passion for art are … Continue reading

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Pompidou in Taipei (龐畢度在台北)

( I’ve visited Pompidou Center many years ago when I went to France the first time. However, I only admired it from outside. The building is speechlessly unique with the stairs, escalators, reinforce steels, and pipes exposed outside and walls … Continue reading

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