5/23/2008 冒險第十三天: 巴黎–楓丹白露宮, 巴黎街頭 (Adventure 13th day: Paris–Fontainebleau, Parisian street views)

City of Fontainebleau is about 70 km south from Paris and in where Palace of Fontainebleau consists. The palace is dated as back as 12th century where it served as a residence for kings Philip Augustus and Louis IX. Later on, during 15th century, king Francois I commissioned the architect, Gilles le Breton, to create the edifice as mostly seen today. In 16th century, another extensive renovation was undertaken by king Henri II and his queen, Catherine de Medici, making it one of the largest French royal palaces. During the French Revolution, many furnishings were sold, but Napoleon Bonaparte, during his reign, began to restore Palace of Fontainebleau and tried to make it his symbol of power. However, it was also where Napoleon announced his abdication before he was exiled in 1814.
If you want to go to Palace of Fontainebleau from Paris, you can take metro to St.Lazare station then change to the train to Fontainebleau-Avon. When you arrive at Fontainebleau-Avon, you then take a bus in front of the train station to Chateau de Fontainebleau.
The front view of Palace of Fontainebleau with two sets of large stairs: 
Interior of Palace of Fontainebleau:  
This is the room in which Napoleon Bonaparte signed his abdication on that small round table:  (這裡是拿破崙最鬱卒的地方吧… )
A church in Paris–Who knows what this church is? I don’t remember…
Paris Opera House, very grand style and elaborately decorated:
歌劇院前面有一條街裡面全是日本拉麵店跟料理店, 東西大多差不多. 只是法國所謂的”日本料理店”實在蠻有趣的… 如果不是拉麵套餐就是串燒套餐. 拉麵套餐大家都知道–就拉麵加一些小菜小水餃. 串燒套餐就有意思了… 這法國道地的日本串燒套餐是這樣: 一碗飯, 一碗”味增”湯(不是非常味增的味增湯), 一盤冷冷扮酸酸醬的高麗菜絲, 一盤teriyaki醬調味的串燒. 看你當初點什麼肉的跟點的餐包括幾串串燒, 約6歐元到9歐元. (這價格在法國的餐廳吃算很棒了, 保證吃得飽加上又有熱熱的湯喝.) 也有賣一些sushi跟sashimi, 可是種類不多. 雖然歌劇院前面一些街道裡全是像這樣的”日本料理”店, 可是每一家生意都超好, 有些甚至排隊排到外面來. 只是我覺得法國人真的把這些認為是道地的日本菜吃得很快樂耶… 是不錯吃, 可是這不是日本料理吧? 這也難怪我在美國都會吃到一些不知所云的中國菜了. 看來世界各地的菜色到了別的地方都會變身一下以適應當地的生活, 包括在台灣的日本菜, 法國菜, 義大利菜…
法國還是有”真正”的日本料理的, 但是是那種超貴餐廳吃一餐要上百歐元的…
Nice residential area in Paris. I think this is a newly developed area with more modern apartment buildings. It is also near Seine river:  

5/21/2008 冒險第十一天: 巴黎–凡爾賽宮, 拉法葉百貨公司 (Adventure 11th day: Paris–Versailles, Lafayette department store)

Chateau de Versailles (Palace of Versailles) was built during Louis XIII’s reign and greatly expanded by Louis XIV. During 1575, Albert de Gondi came to France with Catherine de Medici (queen of king Henry II) from Italy and purchased the estate of Versailles. Later on, he invited Louis XIII to Versailles for hunting trips during early 17th century, thus Louis XIII ordered to build a hunting castle in Versailles in 1624. In 1632, Louis XIII obtained the estate from Albert de Gondi. When Louis XIV ruled France, he decided to move royal court to Versailles. He first settled in the hunting castle and began detailed expansion and renovation in 1669. His purpose was to create a large palace so he could “recruit” nobles, artists, and craftsmen and settle them near him–one way of assuring central control of the government since it could lower the opportunity for nobilities to develop their own regional power. In 1682, the royal court was officially established in Versailles by Louis XIV. The royal family and the descendents remained here until the French Revolution erupted in 1789, when Louis XVI and the queen, Marie Antoinette, were forced out of the castle. 
P.S. Chateau de Versailles is the background for Riyoko Ikeda’s epic comic–“Rose of Versailles.” (凡爾賽玫瑰, 我還是到美國在高中時才看到的~ 英文叫 “Lady Oscar”) The movie–“Marie Antoinette ” (凡爾賽拜金女) directed by Sofia Coppola and released in 2006 has very accurate stage sets of Palace of Versailles.
從巴黎去凡爾賽宮要先搭地鐵再換火車, 在地鐵車站就可以在賣票的機器上選去凡爾賽宮的票.
The plaza in front of the palace:
This is my 2nd time to visit Palace of Versailles–but this time many places are under re-construction.
The chapel inside the palace:
A beautiful corridor:
Renaissance style paintings on the roof:
A marble statue of Louis XIV:
A bust of Louis XIV–with very romantic gaze….(Hahahaha! I think this king, who called himself “the sun king,” was quite Narcissistic…)
The magnificent “Hall of Mirrors.”
Some interiors in the palace:
The backside of the palace:
Garden of geometrically trimmed bushes, Grand Canal, Latona Basin, and Apollo Basin:
The Grand Trianon:
The pavilion of The Petit Trianon: 在此, 最慘的事發生了~~~ 我以前第一次來時只有去城堡跟花園, 因為凡爾賽宮實在太大太多可以看了, 就偷懶沒有走到遠一點Marie Antoinette 的村莊小屋和 Grand Trianon和Petit Trianon, 後來看書上覺得Petit Trianon非常精緻美麗, 就想說這一次一定要看到. 
沒想到走得超越到Petit Trianon時(–> 笨! 誰叫你不租一台單車…), 發現!! 整個Petit Trianon在大整修!!!  連庭園都被挖得醜醜的!!! 我查凡爾賽宮的official webste(http://www.chateauversailles.fr/)時, 有看到說有一些地方在整修, 可是我沒想到是這樣大場面的整修!! 害我現在看到這照片就想哭!
在凡爾賽宮裡面雖然可以照相, 可是人很多, 停下來照相有被壓扁的危機. 這是我在凡爾賽宮裡買的書, 我蠻推薦的, 十五歐元~ 有賣很多不同的語言, 我是買英文的. 裡面有將近200頁凡爾賽宮各部份非常詳細的介紹跟照片, 全部都是彩色的~
After coming back to Paris from Versailles, I went to Lafayette department store. This department store has an old classic elegant roof. 去主要就是看這個屋頂, 我也沒東西要買, 何況我覺得百貨公司那裡都一樣…

5/20/2008 冒險第十天: 巴黎–艾菲爾鐵塔, 凱旋門, 香榭麗舍大道 (Adventure 10th day: Paris–Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees)

I stayed in Avranches, a city about 13 km away from Mountain Saint Michel, the last night. Today I’d go to Rennes to return the rented car and take TGV train to Paris.  
要在巴黎市區常常搭地鐵可以買這種票 “Carnet”, 可以一次買十張10.95歐元~ 在地鐵站就有機器可以買, 要用信用卡或投錢幣, 機器操縱有英文.
Eiffel Tower (艾菲爾鐵塔): Gustave Eiffel started to build it in 1887 and completed it in 1889. It stands 324 meters, making it the tallest building in the world until 1993.
It’s divided into several layers and different layers require tickets in different prices. (我沒上去, 因為我看到排隊排了將近一公里)
The bridge in front of Eiffel Tower crossing Seine river. (Who can tell me what the bridge’s name is? I forgot…)–>Information from my good friend, Ling: the bridge is called Pont d’Iena; the building on another side is Palace de Chaillot. If you go to another side of the bridge, you’ll be able to take a nice photo of complete Eiffel Tower. (Dumb me…. I didn’t even think of it…) 
Arc de Triomphe (凱旋門): It was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806, standing on Place de I’Etoile (Star Square) where many roads meet.  
Arc de Triomphe stands on the center of many roads, including the west end of the most famous street in Paris–Champs-Elysees. This is Avenue des Champs-Elysees; it is quite crowded and full of name-branded boutiques.
A Peugeot car shop on Champs-Elysees, it was exhibiting the cars that would compete in Marathon car-racing in Le Mans.
A Guerlain boutique. It’s probably one of the most elegant boutiques I’ve ever seen. Inside, it exhibited Guerlain’s perfume and cosmetics from very early times, making it more like a museum.
“Paul” is a renowned bakery store in France. I love macarons–they are best with a cup of unsweetened tea or black coffee. 
巨大macaron~ 直徑有11cm (其實我到法國才知道臺灣平常賣的size在那邊叫 mini macaron, 法國macaron一般size約8cm)
我沒看到艾菲爾鐵塔點燈, 因為要等到10pm天完全暗以後… 累屬了, 我今天走得腿快斷了…..