Carmel revisited… (Carmel, 再看你一眼…)

This is the 2nd time since I visited Carmel since 2 years ago. Compared with hiking in green moutains, I prefer to idle under the sunshine and breath the ocean breeze.

Carmel hasn’t changed much since last time I visited except a few houses were built closer to the ocean side. Time seems to flow slowly in this charming little town.

I visited Carmel on a sunny day in November–the sky is so blue and the ocean is a breathtaking indigo shade. Though the wind proved the approaching step of winter.

The blazing sunshine beamed on the indigo ocean with the tide twirling onto the sand.

Some newly built beach houses very close to the beach to overlook the ocean, don’t you wish to acquire one of them?

Except a wide range of hotels and cottages for vacationing, there are also numerous unique shops and art galleries. This one happened to have some very cute decoration for the window. Anybody cares to engage into a fight between dogs and cats?

And the tiny but alluring shopping center…

And the cutest library ever, in case you want borrow a book and read on the beach!

Not only human beings can enjoy the sunshine, this feline friend obviously overjoyed with it too, only it showed its affection to the sun by… taking a nap!

Hmm…who’s there trying to disturb my good dream? I meant, my meditation?


And what did I bring back? The aroma of the ocean and sunshine~