My most precious treasure (富可敵國的寶藏)

In this modern era, receiving a handwritten letter seems a luxury as people favor the convenience and quickness of sending an e-mail or even a text via phones. I’m glad that the charms of handwritten postcards are not yet replaced by any electronic forms. I have to admit that any electronic form of communication lacks certain warmth, and nothing can beat receiving a postcard from a friend who travels to foreign places.

Not only I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, the friends around me seems to be adventurous enough and enjoy going to every corner of the world (ok, this might be a exaggeration for now… but who knows 😉 ), thus I have the privilege of receiving these precious postcards.

These are postcards from U.S.A and Peru.  My friend went to Peru to hike in the magnificent Machu Pichhu.

Postcards from England, Ireland, Belgium, France, and Spain.

Postcards from “fairy tale-like” Czech, Holland, and Austria. P1050602

*From* Rome with Love? Postcards from Italy, and Greece which I’ve always wanted to go but not been yet.

Postcards from southern hemisphere–New Zealand and Australia.

Postcards from mysterious Asia–Tibet and Cambodia. P1050599Postcards from Iceland, Egypt, and Jordan (I’m longing to visit these places too)
P1050608Some are from exotic islands–Maldives, Easter Island, and Tahiti. P1050610More from Phuket (Thailand), Cozumel (Mexico), Bali (Indonesia), Palau, Bahamas, and Boracay (Philippines)
P1050609Not only the postcards and stamps enriched my collections, the greetings warmed my heart. I love reading them; through reading them, I seem to share little pieces of the journey with my friends. P1050613
I love writing postcards to myself too. It’s a weird hobby I’ve fully developed since my trip to France in 2008. Before, I wrote myself postcards occasionally, such as when I went to Italy. I’ve been to Japan many times but for some reason I didn’t send any of the postcards from Japan. I should start doing that next time when I go, haha. 😀

Here are postcards from Hong Kong,  Boracay (Philipines), Guam (U.S.A), UN office in New York (I was told the the postmark would be very special, but when I received it, not only the unique stamp fell off, the “very special” postmark was not on it either, maybe it’s some very special invisible postmark…), Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, and Venice in Italy!
P1050615My trip to France 2008, including Monaco, Nice, Aix en Provence, Avignon, Loire Valley, Mont St Michel, Etretat, Paris. I almost wrote myself a postcard in every city I’ve been in this trip, except Grasse, Chatres, and GivernyP1050618And my trip to England and France in 2009, including London, Cambridge, Bath, Oxford, Saint-Malo, and ParisP1050616These are definitely my most precious treasure. They represent my friends’ incredible trips and priceless travel experiences. Better yet, they can’t be bought with any money. My PRRRREEEEEEEECIOUS~~~~

My good friends, write me a postcard whenever you go on a trip! 😀

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