Road trip to Sausalito, San Rafael, Napa, Davis (Part1) 北加州一路玩(趴萬~)

This time while I was in California, I thought about traveling a little without striving to make a perfect plan. A few places that were not that far away came to my mind and I could certainly spend a few days for a relaxing trip.

I’ve decided on driving up to Sausalito, San Rafael, Napa valley, and Davis, then I’d come back from Davis.

I have been to Sausalito long time ago with my family, but I had a rather vague memory of it. It’s a little gem nested in between the hills and ocean; I drove across the mountain and had to go across a “hidden” residential area to arrive.
P1040936 The town has been described to be “European” style little town. However, I didn’t find it’s that European to be exact. The town consisted of many artistic little shops and the very wide shoreline overlooking San Francisco bay. P1040937 P1040939 P1040940 P1040941 The San Francisco city skyline was very interesting–I think it could make a good silhouette wall sticker!P1040943 P1040946 P1040948 P1040949 P1040950 The town square was full of people basking under the January sunshine. Most shops sold paintings and artistic souvenirs like clocks, mugs, and table clothes. P1040954 I really had to take more photos of the beautiful blue sky and the ocean, despite it was actually still quite chilling under the sun. P1040955 P1040956 P1040957 P1040959 Another side of the town was full of restaurants. Some were dessert shops that people enjoyed ice cream and gelato. Though the sunshine made the weather seem very nice and warm, it was windy in January. P1040961My second stop was San Rafael Marin County Civic Center. The reason I wanted to visit it because it was a backdrop for one of my favorite films–Gattaca. The building was designed by famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. It must be a very unique architecture in that era as Frank Lloyd Wright was well known for his creative designs. It still looked like a modern construction today.

It was difficult for me to capture the whole building due to its vast size and the tall trees around it. Though I wished I could jump off from the car while I was on highway because the view was so much better from there.

This was the best shot I took from the parking lot.

This is the photo I found on the Internet, depicting a much better view.

The 2 main characters in the movie, Vicent and Eugene, looked at the building at night from some distance away. (Copyright to Columbia Pictures)


The interior was also set as the stage for the Gattaca‘s aerospace facility. P1040966


Here are the captures from Gattaca: (Copyright to Columbia Pictures)gattaca10



The roof of the civic center: P1040967


And the roof where Vincent always stared at to see the spaceship launch: (Copyright to Columbia Pictures)gattaca05

There’s a small exhibition room displaying books and photos of the history and construction process of the civic center. P1040968



A small fountain is outside the top floor right next to the cafeteria. The breach on the side of the fountain allowed the water to flow down the building, making a small waterfall. However, it was not easy to observe. P1040970


The civic center, built 1950s, is obviously an old building. Several reconstructions and reinforcements were done. Although the design is quite modern, when I walked inside, I found the old style offices and drinking fountains still remained, giving it a rather old movie-like atmosphere.  P1040975


When I was about the leave, I found this electricity car enjoying getting electrocuted…oops, I meant getting charged. This was the first time I saw how an electricity-powered car got its “gas”. 🙂

To be continued~

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