Carmel, here I come again!! (Carmel~我又來了~~~)


What to do with the last day of 2012? In the chilling and windy winter time in bay area, California, the best way to spend the last day of 2012 would be sunbathing under the Californian sunshine in picturesque town–Carmel-by-the-sea.

Although Carmel-by-the-sea is tiny, the oceanic view and delicate scenes attract tourists (and me of course)  to come back again and again.

The small but really cute library–good for sunbathing and people-watching…

“LUSH” was having an after-x’mas sale. The luxurious and fun bathing products boast of natural and eco-friendly ingredients that emit mouth-watering fragrance. I didn’t have to see the store to know I was around one because of the smell.

Some of the products looked edible enough–the color, smell, and shape are all very tempting…

Of course, the marvelous oceanic view is one of the biggest assets of Carmel-by-the-sea.

The mansions with floor-to-ceiling windows, don’t we all want a vacationing house like this?





Oh… guess who’s enjoying the winter sun too?P1040860


This is the same fellow I met more than 2 years ago!! Oh, what could beat sunbathing AND petting a big head cat in Carmel-by-the-sea??P1040863

Some unknown mushrooms peeking out from the tree truck, kinda cute~P1040867

The miniature merry-go-round and the ferry wheels are music boxes to bring back nostalgic memories…P1040868

Ah ha! This is the “battle between cats and dogs” chess set I saw two years ago too! This time I had a closer look at it and was amazed by its creativity and humor! The dogs and cats were of various breeds to reflect their “dog-nalities” or “cat-nalities” in each chess piece!P1040869


The little shopping center still got some holiday atmosphere left. P1040872

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