Chateau de Chambord isn’t built in one day (香波堡不是一天造成的)

It has been 4 years since I’ve seen Chateau de Chambord and been astonished by it’s majestic size. Of course, I resented butchering so many animals for entertainment. It was still a bit chilling to watch hundreds of animal skulls and antlers displayed all over the interior walls…

Chambord was the king’s hunting site, but far from being a humble hunting villa, Chateau de Chambord was situated on Loir-et-Cher and constructed by French king Francois I to be the largest castle in Loire Valley. It has some very distinguishing features besides its size–its symmetry, the elaborated towers, and the double-helix staircases inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s works.

Ok, so I’ve been there, seen it, but haven’t done that. Done what? Remember the booklet bought by me that would allow me to construct my very own Chateau de Chambord out of paper and glue? Here it is–I finally got the courage and brain to make it. As it says–you only need a pair of scissors and some glue. Sounds easy enough huh?P1040608

Chateau de Chambord is composed with a rectangular structure with four towers on the four corners. The four towers are Francois I, Dieudonne, Henri V, and Caroline de Berry. Outer facades surround the main structure with another four towers on the four corners–the 2 bigger and fancier towers are Robert de Parme and De La Chapelle; the smaller and plainer towers are “tour des princes” and “tour du chaudron.” There’s also a center lantern-shaped decorative tower on the center of the main structure. P1040617

The booklet provides the history and instructions of the project along with Chateau de Chambord’s layout: P1040609P1040610 P1040611 P1040612

Of course it comes with the paper images and shapes for you to make your own Chateau de Chambord, in a reasonable size of 1/300 of the real one. 🙂 P1040614 P1040615

The first part to be constructed is the decorative center tower; this is the most difficult part in the project: P1040619 P1040620 P1040622 P1040623

The center main building is built next: P1040625 P1040626

This is what it’ll look like when the lantern-like tower is placed: P1040642

Tower Francois I is constructed. Same for all four towers, it consists of two parts–the cone-shaped and triangular towers: P1040645 P1040647 P1040648

Tower Dieudonne: P1040650 P1040651 P1040653

Tower Henri V: P1040662P1040663 P1040664

And the last one is Caroline de Berry:P1040665
So this is how it looks like when the center main building is finished. It’s crowded by the extravagant towers: P1040666Now it’s time to make the facades and its two larger towers–Robert de Parme and De La Chapelle: P1040667 P1040669 P1040670 P1040671 P1040675 P1040676 P1040677When the less fancy part of the facades and the plainer two towers–“tour des princes” and “tour du chaudron”– are built: P1040687

Now assemble all the pieces together: P1040700 P1040701 P1040705 P1040736

Tata~~~ Completed! Now I realize that the chateau isn’t as symmetrical as it seems; each tower is unique of its own designs of windows and chimneys, and the outer facades do not have identical towers; in fact, they’re quite different. Furthermore, Chateau de Chambord is definitely not built in one day! P1040737 P1040738 P1040739

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