Tiny trip to Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz 超小旅行)

As I’ve lived in California for a long time, of course I’ve been to Santa Cruz. Funny enough that I seemed to remember the most about “banana slugs” in Santa Cruz and forget all others, perhaps I was freaked out by these slimy animals…

This time I came across Independence Day while staying in California and decided to pay Santa Cruz a humble visit. I checked online and found this place called “Natural Bridge State Beach,” in which, consisted a stone natural bridge not far from the shore.

It’s less an hour drive to go to this beach from my home. It was quite sunny and warm all the way until I reached Santa Cruz. Similar to my trip to Half Moon Bay last time, it was cloudy and windy on the shore.

The beach was much smaller than I expected and located at the end of a residential area. From the fact that many people came here on Independence Day, I guess it was still a popular beach. 

This is the “stone bridge” that has earned this beach the name: 

At first I would expect a lot of people swimming in the ocean, since it was over 90 degrees F in Bay Area. However, only few of them were even touching the water since it’s actually quite chilly. You’d think to get a glimpse of some bikini-cladded beauties enjoying the sunbath–wrong, that day I was glad to find a jacket in my car. 

I still saw some people trying to surf. For this weather, I’d rather surf online… 

On the rocky shore was where the fun (for some people) begins. You can climb up and find some oceanic animals left by high tide swimming in the dents of stones. If you’re lucky, you can find little fish, anemone, crabs, or some unknown aquatic babies. But no luck for me this time. 😦 

Some houses are up on the cliff. The view is wonderful, but I’m not sure how windy it gets when the winter comes… 

Some houses are further from the shore but still looking over the magnificent ocean view: 

This one seemed newly built, not bad eh? 

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