Merry Christmas! (聖誕節快樂!)

Christmas time is probably my favorite time in a year. No, I don’t have a rigid religious cause, nor do I expect tons of gifts (of course I don’t mind getting some, haha 😛 ). Yes I still write Christmas cards and joke that I’m probably the most “low-tech” person working in high-tech industry. So what’s so special about Christmas to me? It’s the vivid decorations and joyful atmosphere that I enjoy the most!

The extravagant light decoration and the giant Christmas tree in front of Shangri-la Hotel in Dun-Hua South road, Taipei. I heard that this hotel elaborately decorated itself and displayed the famous giant Christmas tree during holiday season every year, just that I finally noticed it this year! 😛

There are quite a few trees and lively decorations in Shinyi-destrict, Taipei. How I LOVE this colorful one here! 

Check out this “light-up carpet” here: 

How about this very creative tree full of naughty, seductive legs? 😉 

Oh, and the “starry sky” even it’s raining! 

Very elegant Tiffany tree around 101 building, just right in front of the entrance of the department store and reminding you to shell out some money for the luxurious gift! 

Not choosing anything from Tiffany’s? You can opt Mont Blanc instead! 

Also, a very creative decoration on Eslite bookstore building. It’s not quite a tree, but I think it resembles one! 

Finally, last but not the least, wish you all a very merry Christmas!!

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