Remembering the sunshine in Guam (凜冬中回想關島暖陽)

Today is Christmas Eve, and it’s cold. Yes, the wind is blowing, and even I regard myself as less affected by cold winter, I still need a scarf while walking on the street at night. However, I still see myself loving cold weather more than any hot days. It’s actually a bit awkward for me to write about my trip to Guam during October. Perhaps I don’t intend to do this purposely in this chilly night; just because I was too lazy to write about it so it’s dragged until now.  (Oh… The truth is I’ve been busy… for all of you who know me well know that I’ve been swamped by work, whew!)

Guam was full of sunshine while I was there, and it got quite hot since there was hardly any shade near the beach. Asides from remembering the very warm climate there in the winter time now, going to Guam was my most “brainless” trip ever. Yes, I finally decided to do NOTHING but just being there to relax. The unique experience mostly sprouted on the fact that I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, no research, no nothing, before the trip, as opposed to my trips to Japan, France, England, Italy, U.S., and many others

Guam is an U.S. military base-turned-into vacationing island, shaping like a dog bone, most of the tourists spots situate in the west, as large part of the east side is under U.S. military surveillance. It’s not difficult to rent a car and drive around the island, and visiting all the tourists points on the west side could be done less in one day.

There’s a reason why Guam is a famous vacationing island. The warm weather, bright sunshine, and indigo ocean make it a perfect gateway for relaxation. However, Guam also rains a lot; the rain comes quite often but doesn’t last long.

Two Lover’s Point is on the cliff looking over Tumon Bay:

Catholic Church:

Have I mentioned that I love blue ocean?

Bear Rock at Agfayan Bay:

Talofofo waterfall located inland on the Talofofo-Inarajan border, including two large falls. It’s hidden inside the forest and can be reached by cable cart. I didn’t get any mosquito bites in Guam until I walked around here… 😦

Guam is also a shopping heaven. All the things are completely tax free, and you can find various brands here for accessories, bags, watches, cosmetics, etc… Souvenirs stores, general stores, and restaurants are scattered around the street. It doesn’t hurt to do some (window?) shopping at night, enjoy a nice dinner, or just simply walk around this most lively district.  🙂

And of course, the view is free and for your eyes only–beautiful sunset in Guam. 🙂


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