Finding the greenest lake in Tahoe (尋找最綠的湖)

This was not the first time I came to Lake Tahoe, just that I had no impression whatsoever about the previous time that occurred a while ago. I had no idea why–I didn’t even remember seeing the lake!

Lake Tahoe is a famous ski resort for people from California and Nevada, but since I’m into any sports that require a lot of gadgets, ski is certainly not a sport for me. (The most gadgets-required sport I can accept is fencing, ha! 😀 )

This time I went to south Lake Tahoe. The lake itself, known just as “Lake Tahoe,” is a freshwater lake that stands on altitude over 6,200 feet. Asides from being a ski resort, people come here for camping and vacationing because of the beautiful natural landscapes.


The lake shore consists of sandy beaches, making it look a bit like an ocean due to the size of the lake.   

Very cute stores cluster in the cottages in downtown. 🙂
    Fallen Leaf Lake is a much smaller lake that’s situated about one mile south of Lake Tahoe. It’s so well hidden in the forest and took me a while to find it. I personally like Fallen Leaf Lake better, since it’s of this very enchanting emerald green. The shore is mostly rocky, giving it a “Zen” ambiance.     

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