Lazy afternoon in Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay (閒逛半月灣麗池酒店)

I’ve known Ritz-Carlton as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and was favored by by Coco Chanel who had resided there for over thirty years.

When I stood at Place Vendome while visiting Paris a few years ago, I only admire the night light and the very humble exterior of Ritz-Carlton hotel, as I had no idea that there’s another Ritz-Carlton situated not far from my California home.

Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay was only less than 1 hour drive from my place. I remember that while I was a child, I went there with my parents for pumpkin-picking and with family friends for Christmas tree-farming. I have been always an ocean-person and loved the oceanic sceneries.

One afternoon I decided to visit Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, which situated right on the cliff. It’s so well-hidden that I only saw a very low profile sign on the street. After turning into the street, I had to drive in a long road until I reached this also-very-low-profile front gate.

Although being the most luxurious hotel in the world, Ritz-Carlton always gives a sense of calm and tranquility. The color of both the exterior and interior was serene, and the design was elegant. The cafe I had a light meal had big windows for people to gaze to the amazing ocean.  

Outside the window is the garden that people can sit around a fireplace and read, doze, or gather with friends. Most of the time Half Moon Bay was chilly due to the wind blowing from the seashore.     

It seems it’s not easy to get a lot of sunshine in Half Moon Bay. I remembered that there was no single time there was bright sunshine there. I’ve heard from a friend who told me that she only knew of bright sun in Half Moon Bay during mid-summer. Else it’s misty and a bit cloudy. It was September when I came here, and it was a bit “gray” there as well, but it didn’t decrease my excitement of enjoying the peaceful atmosphere here.


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