“I LOVE NY” part 2 (“我愛紐約” part2)

Central Park is like a “green heart” of New York City. The lakes and trees decorate the crowded New York, providing a relaxing and refreshing location for busy New Yorkers.

Not far from the Central Park is Rockfeller building, a famous NY landmark. The ice rink of Rockefeller plaza is open to public for ice skating or show exhibition.

While I was there, a skating show exhibited 3 girls wearing some kind of pink unitards with a cape connection all of them, making them a “triplets,” and twirling around the ice rink. (I was more curious about how they put those unitards on!?!)

Around the Rockfeller Center is a series of shops, including this “Logo” store. The works displayed there overwhelmed me, as I never had the patient with this kind of toy. 😀

Most people are familiar with the night scene of Brooklyn Bridge. I tried not to be “too tourist” but couldn’t help the desire of taking a photo of it. However, what a silly mistake I made–I took the subway all the way down and night and walked with the direction pointing toward Brooklyn Bridge while the wind was blowing and the temperature was only 4 degree C… Finally I was on top of the Brooklyn Bridge…but how would I take a photo of Brooklyn Bridge while I was ON it?? I managed to take several photos on top of the bridge, and no… the photo is not Brooklyn Bridge but Manhattan Bridge which can be see ON Brooklyn Bridge…

Another stop I visited was headquarter of United Nation. Honestly I didn’t find it that interesting but as advised by a guide book, I wrote a postcard to myself. The stamps sold there were unique and the postmark was solely used in the postal office in the basement of the building. However… when I received the postcard, the stamp was gone, and the postmark was washed away… 😦

“Serendipity 3” is a restaurant in mid-Manhattan that was used as the backstage of the movie–Serendipity. I haven’t seen the movie actually, but I’ve read that this restaurant supplies the most mouth watering sundae and frozen drinks. So did I get to taste them? Not a chance… it was already packed in the restaurant and with people lining outside…

So, you may not be able to squeeze into Serendipity 3 , why not stop by Dylan’s Candy Bar to get a few sweets to enjoy? It claims to have the world’s largest Gummy Bear!

New York’s Central Station is worth a visit–the building is more of European style, and the interior is classic. The roof is painted with light blue and illustrated with zodiac signs. Movies and photos shoots often use Central Station as background too.

For “Apple fans,” Apple flagship store in mid-Manhattan is the temple for them to worship, but as a beading fan, I had to worship in Swarovski’s beading concept store in Soho area. The store has a rather low profile on a busy street. The interior is simple because the shiny crystal beads and pendants it’s selling already decorate over 90 percent of the walls!

New York University is not far from Soho area. It does not have a real campus but independent buildings scatter among several streets.

Other popular landmarks of New York include Empire State Building, which was romanticize by the movie–Sleepless in Seattle.

Another is Flatiron Building, which is famous for its triangular shape particular with an acute angle it’s forming.

Though not far from the crowded 5th Avenue, Madison street much quieter but as beautiful. It was very nice to stroll on it and not worry about stepping on other people’s feet! 🙂 It’s the last day I was in NY, and also the warmest day during my trip there.


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