Horror Story Toilet Paper!! *恐怖廁所衛生紙*

Japan’s drugstores are super-er than supermarkets and you can certainly dig out many things you can or cannot think of! Here it is–in order to solve the problem for people who have I-MUST-READ-WHILE-TAKING-A-DUMP syndrome, mighty Japanese people have invented this roll of toilet paper, hurray!!
So, what kind of story do you prefer to enjoy in the bathroom? Apparently, Japanese people think it’s exciting to read some horror stories related to bathrooms while doing their business, how suitable, just right on the topic!
The horror story toilet paper, wrapped with black paper and illustrated with a ghostly figure–already sending the chills down to my spine, whew~ DSC09669 DSC09678
There’s an instruction of how to install this roll of toilet paper properly for your comfort and how to open it, how thoughtful!DSC09670
Also, a brief introduction of the author… Obviously he does not mind that his work gets flushed down to the toilet.DSC09671
The toilet paper is revealed, covered with blue text, and a suitable usage for one time is one story! DSC09674DSC09675
So~sit on the toilet, roll the paper, and let the chill begin!  DSC09676
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2 Responses to Horror Story Toilet Paper!! *恐怖廁所衛生紙*

  1. Majo says:

    哈哈哈哈。but you need to be able to read Japanese to enjoy this. My Japanese is not good enough to read novels… mostly comic. hahah~

  2. Alex says:

    Hahahah, I forgot most of the Japanese too. Don\’t you think this stuff is just too creative?? XD

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