Pompidou in Taipei (龐畢度在台北)

I’ve visited Pompidou Center many years ago when I went to France the first time. However, I only admired it from outside. The building is speechlessly unique with the stairs, escalators, reinforce steels, and pipes exposed outside and walls of glass to make it look like a huge glass house. There is also an interesting fountain besides the museum with several colorful out-of-ordinary statues twirling around in it.
Since this April, several significant artworks from Paris’ George Pompidou Center were exhibited in Taipei Fine Arts Museum (台北市立美術館) with a theme called: "Arcadie." The exhibition included works by Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Picabia, Miro, Bonnard, etc. Being a museum-goer and fan of art history, I was "embarassingly" passed-by Millet’s super famous Les Gleanuses Salon (The Gleaners, 拾穗) last year in Orsay Museum because it was packed to be sent to Taiwan and passed-by it AGAIN in Taipei due to the massive crowd. Thus, I couldn’t afford to miss this exhibiton and visited Taipei Fine Arts Museum a few weeks ago.
After staying in the museum for about 3 hours and watched through all the paintings and artworks, I really wanted to say that it was wonderful…it’s full of uh…this…this…
Ok, now it’s embarassing, but I guess it’s just way too abstract for me to understand. Maybe I just do not have the talent to understand this type of work, and I lack this gift to analyze the meanings of this kind of modern abstract art…
Not that I do not appreciate the work, but it’s just… beyond my comprehension.
Oh… I think saying this will not make me appear less foolish, but hey, I understood some of them~ such as Bonnard’s L’amandier en fleurs (杏樹開花):
… and this Picasso’s Femme couchee (躺著的女人):
However, this one… Dubuffet’s Donnee (H57) (已知數 H57)… ??
Also, this Miro’s Bleu II (藍色二號)… … it appeared on many souvenirs and postcards, and the guide book explored it with details such as how Miro drew it, and why he chose such colors… but… uh…
Anyways, I had a great day. Really, I did! Ok, maybe not great, but it’s a good thing that after I overworked straight through several weekends, I finanly got sometime out to walk around a museum. Although I did not comprehend most of the artworks, I enjoyed browsing through them and gave myself a chance to appreciate them. Haha…

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  1. Pompidou\’s art works are all about the "spiritual stuff"…. hahahaha.It has nothing to do with what u see… but what u can think of when u see it. hahaha.

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