One Fine Day in Carmel (Carmel 一日遊)

On one fine morning, I decided in a whim to drive south to visit Carmel in Monterey. Carmel is a cute small town made famous by artists who reside and open their studios here. The geographical advantage it possesses also makes it a popular tourist attraction. At the end of the town, there’s a beautiful beach with indigo seaside.



These houses have a wonderful view to the ocean.


Nice cottages for rent, either for a weekend or long term…


One of the shopping centers…


One of the hotels in Carmel–its ambience suits the serenity of the town very well. (Well, it is not so quiet nowadays since Carmel gains more  popularity. It was much more tranquil when I first time visited it several years ago.)


One of the many alleys in Carmel–it is a beautiful painting by itself~


Town central–the main road that strings through the town is called “Ocean Avenue.”


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