Pierre Herme Mini Collection (Pierre Herme 迷你甜點組合)

I stumbled across these super-cute Pierre Herme mini dessert sets accidentally and decided that I got to have them.  Ever since I tried Pierre Herme’s dessert in France, I realized that it was not just mouth-watering but also a pure creation of art.
Now I have these little sets to dwell over the color, aroma, and tastes that have once left this pleasant trail in my memory.  
This set is made by a Japanese company called "megahouse," that specializes in creating mini food models that resemble their real counterparts so closely. There’s an outer box that contains 8 smaller boxes of various sets of mini dessert.
8 different sets of dessert. Hee hee…
On the side of each box, it shows how the mini dessert should be assembled.
Each set nestles neatly in comparted plastic wrappings and even has miniaturized box and shopping bag that are the exact copy from Pierre Herme’s store.
My favorite: an Ispahan cake
Some cake, including an Ispahan puff, cream puff, chestnut tart…yum~
Oh~ and chocolate cake and Ispahan~~~
Some seasonal dessert set.
Even the ice cream and snowcake look deliciously real; the snowcake is packed individually.
Chocolate, more chocolate~~~
Strawberry shortcake.
It’s so detailed that the sweets inside the jars can be assembled.
The lovely coffee tart, lemon pie…
Macaron, macaron, macaron~~~
A box of sweet treats–oh, it’s so sweet that my teeth are already aching
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4 Responses to Pierre Herme Mini Collection (Pierre Herme 迷你甜點組合)

  1. Majo says:

    You finished assemble them already??

  2. Ellie says:

    Hello 🙂 I was wondering when you posted this blog because I really want this set 😦 please tell me at sweetkrnangel_04@yahoo.com Please I beg of you!

  3. Unknown says:

    Hi, I want to know where I can find this set? Please tell me. Thank you ^ ^

  4. Unknown says:

    Hi, you can send me the answer where I can buy this se in my email address lie_rita28@yahoo.com. Thanks

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